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An extensive land package in the world’s best uranium district


ATHA has acquired the largest land package across two of the world’s most prominent uranium jurisdictions


ATHA holds the largest prospective land package in the highest-grade uranium district in the world – 3.8 million acres in the Athabasca Basin, as well as 2.7 million acres in the Thelon Basin.


ATHA is currently undertaking the largest multi-platform electromagnetic survey ever conducted in the history of the Athabasca Basin.


10% carried interest on key prospective exploration grounds owned and operated by the two most successful development teams in the basin: NexGen Energy & IsoEnergy.

Land Package
The Basin’s largest land package

  • Over 3.8MM acres
  • Carefully accumulated over 10+ years by the most successful uranium staking team in Canada
  • ATHA’s large land exposure offers access to Athabasca Basin uranium upside at a deeply discounted value to exploration peers

Thelon Land Package
Expansive Northern Exploration Portfolio

  • Over 2.7MM acres
  • Surrounding the Kiggavik Deposit, one of the largest uranium resources in Canada
  • A proven, underexplored uranium jurisdiction with Athabasca Basin style potential for large, high-grade uranium discoveries

ATHA is undertaking the largest ever multi-platform electromagnetic survey in the history of the Athabasca Basin

East Rim

  • Area is the focus of most historic exploration and uranium production in the past 60 years
  • Depth to this unconformity ranges from 0m outside of the Basin margin to depths in excess of 500m near the McArthur River mine
  • Atha is deploying 3 EM systems across six subsections to identify structural corridors and targets for follow-up in 2024

Cable Bay

  • Geophysical technology advancement has increased depths of investigation to over 800m
  • This shear zone has been projected to extend across the width of the Athabasca basin but at depths previously difficult to evaluate
  • ATHA is deploying MobileMT to evaluate deep areas and Xcite TDEM systems to evaluate shallower areas

North Rim

  • Historic exploration in the North Rim began in the early to mid 1900s, production was tied to mines near Uranium City
  • ATHA has a significant presence in the northwestern quadrant with potential for all unconformity related and Beaverlodge-type deposits
  • Preliminary evaluation identified potential in all six subsections ATHA plans to conduct further surveys in August and September

West Rim

  • The West Rim is a district of land located in Alberta that is largely underexplored for uranium purposes
  • ATHA is in the planning and program optimization stage for the West Rim

ATHA holds upside in key land held by NexGen Energy via 10% carried interest

Nearby Assets

Shea Creek Deposit


Triple R Deposit

Resource Size (lbs)2


Arrow Deposit

Resource Size (lbs)3

Centennial Deposit

Cameco confirmed uranium mineralization4

NexGen Energy’s 2023 summer exploration program includes drilling activity on ATHA’s 10% carried interest acreage.

ATHA holds upside in key land held by IsoEnergy via 10% carried interest

Nearby Assets

Cigar Lake Operating Mine

  • The world’s highest-grade mine1
  • Produced 105MM lbs of uranium since 20141

Cigar Lake Operating Mine

  • World’s largest high-grade uranium mine1
  • 275MM lbs proven & probable reserves1

McClean Lake Deposits and Mill

  • One of the largest uranium processing facilities
  • Annual licensed production of 24MM lbs2

ATHA’s carried interest with IsoEnergy is located amongst the Basin’s most actively developed areas with significant infrastructure in place


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